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Instructor Training
A lot of Driving Instructor Training establishments tend to carry out their training courses with 2 or even 3 students in the car! We offer one-to-one tuition only and do not teach two or more trainees at the same time. This means you get full value for money as well as correct professional, effective instructor training. 
To qualify to be a driving instructor, you need to have a full UK driving licence for three and a half years and it should be free of penalty points. If you do have points on your licence it does not necessarily exclude you from making an application. Others in the past have had their application accepted even though they had penalty points on their licence.

We can offer a package price for the full course or the option to train on a pay-as-you-go basis for parts I, II and III.


Becoming A Driving Instructor

To become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) you will need to pass three tests. Our DIAmond Advanced Instructor will guide you through each of these tests, ensuring that you go into each test fully prepared and feeling confident in your ability to pass.

Part 1 - Theory

You will be asked just 100 questions and must answer 85 correctly. We can provide you with mock exams, reference books and an easy to use CD Rom for the Theory test and the Hazard Perception test.

Part 2 – Advanced Driving Test

This is a chance to get behind the wheel and demonstrate your standard of driving ability. During your training, your instructor will work with you to ensure you can drive to a high standard confidently and that you can demonstrate a high level of driving technique, showing consideration for other road users and the ability to anticipate hazards ahead. These are required elements of the Part 2 driving ability test. The test takes approximately an hour, and includes:

An eyesight test
A test of your driving abilities
Questions on vehicle safety

You are only allowed three attempts at Part 2, and therefore a test taken too soon can only result in failure. Your instructor will advise you on when you are ready to take it.

Vehicle Safety Questions:
Vehicle safety questions will consist of three questions where you will have to demonstrate how to carry out vehicle checks and two questions where you will have to explain how to carry out vehicle checks. You will get a driving fault for each incorrect answer. You will get a serious fault and fail the test if you answer all five incorrectly.

Driving Ability Test:
Your examiner will mark you on the following:

Your use of the vehicle controls
Correct road procedure
Anticipation and reactions to other road users
Correct judgment of distance, speed and timing
Consideration for the safety of other road users

You will also be required to carry out a variety of manoeuvres, for example:

Meeting and overtaking other vehicles
Stopping the vehicle as if you were in an emergency situation
Reverse parking on the street, and into a parking bay

We will provide you with a full syllabus of all the manoeuvres.


Part 3 – Instructional Ability

In your part 3 test, you need to demonstrate to the senior examiner that you can teach others. This test is an hour long and is divided into two half-hour sessions, in which the examiner acts as a pupil in a role-play situation at a partly trained and trained stage.

You will be required to show skills in recognising, analysing, and giving corrective action in various situations. And your method and clarity in giving positive instruction. To help you achieve the standard required, your trainer will train you in all aspects of the driving syllabus. This is a very in depth part of your training to become an instructor, and carries a mandatory 40 hour training period.

After passing all three parts of the DVSA test, you'll be awarded your green badge indicating that you're a fully qualified driving instructor.

If you have any further questions about becoming a Driving Instructor, please contact us.