Saltire School of Motoring


How Many lessons will I need?
We can't say how many lessons you may need as we are all different. Some people find it easy to learn to drive, others take a little bit longer to pick up all the necessary skills to ensure they are capable of driving on their own after the Practical Driving Test.

Why are your prices so high?
Actually they're not! All driving Instructor's are self employed. As well as earning a wage, your Instructor has to provide and maintain the tuition vehicle and of course provide fuel for your use during your driving lessons. The Instructor also has to make sure the vehicle and you are insured for normal road use and tuition purposes. A good Instructor will also have Indemnity cover.
In the Edinburgh area the average price of a 30 minute Guitar or Piano lesson is £25. In this context we are generally providing a very reasonable pricing structure.
Admittedly you will regularly see lessons being offered at significantly lower prices. Please be wary, a lot of these offers have misleading terms and can often trap you into long term lesson commitments. You could also be purchasing lessons from an illegal - non qualified Instructor.
Learning to Drive is a life skill! You do not want to compromise on safety.

The Instructor's at Saltire School of Motoring are all high grade fully qualified Instructors who are experts in Driving and passing on their driving knowledge to our clients. You will not get trapped into any long term contracts. You will get quality one to one professional tuition, tailored to you to help you achieve your driving goals.